40 Sufi comics by Mohammed Ali Vakil

By Mohammed Ali Vakil

Sufi Comics are brief comedian strips that illustrate the everlasting religious truths within the teachings of Islam. forty Sufi Comics is a suite of those comics within the kind of a booklet. along each one comedian are correct verses from the Holy Qur'an and Traditions from the Prophet & the Ahlul Bayt. a number of the titles incorporated during this e-book: * the reality approximately Lies * mom * the place does knowledge come from? * the place is God’s Treasure? * No challenge! * How a ways is Heaven? * a trip to Hell * am i able to see God? and extra…

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These are small structures, often no larger than the one-or two-story houses surrounding them, but they are numerous. They look alike: painted white, dressed in garlands of flowers and glittering decorations, bright and festive like brides going to their wedding. The atmosphere in these little temples is somehow at once serene and joyful. They are full of people, whispering amongst themselves, burning incense, rolling their eyes, stretching out their hands. Some men (sacristans? ) distribute food to the faithful—a piece of cake, marzipan, or candy.

Finally the plane thumped against the tarmac, crunched and creaked. We had arrived. The Rome airport—a great, glassed-in lump full of people. We drove into the city on a warm evening through busy, crowded streets. Bustle, traffic, lights, and sounds—it worked like a narcotic. I became disoriented at moments—where was I? I must have looked like a creature of the forest: stunned, a little fearful, wide-eyed, trying to take in, understand, distinguish things. In the morning I overheard a conversation in the adjoining room and recognized Mario’s voice.

Some men (sacristans? ) distribute food to the faithful—a piece of cake, marzipan, or candy. If one holds out one’s hand a little longer, one can receive two, maybe even three portions. One must eat what one gets or place it on the altar. Admission to each temple is free: no one asks who you are, or of what faith. Everyone worships individually, on his own, without a collective rite, and as a result there is an atmosphere of ease, freedom, even a bit of disorder. There are so many of these places of worship because the deities in Hinduism are infinite in number; no one has been able to make a complete inventory.

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