A Circus of Hells by Poul Anderson

By Poul Anderson

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Half enemy she might be, but Flandry had allowed himself the imprudent luxury of falling slightly in love with her, and felt he was a little in her debt. No other scouting sweep had been as pleasant! Now she faced the spacefarer's truth, that the one thing we know for certain about this universe is that it is implacable. He wanted to reach across and console her. But the vessel was entering atmosphere. A howl began to penetrate the hull, which bucked. "Come on, Jake," Flandry said. " the companion asked, obviously trying to get her mind off the crags lancing toward her.

Nobody's told me much. You understand they wouldn't, till the last minute. " She plunged. "All right. Yes. " Having taken the money, she described what the pilot had been able to reveal to her after she had lowered his guard for him. ) "He doesn't know the coordinates yet, you realize," she finished. "Not even what kind of sun it is, except for the metals. It must be somewhere not too far off his assigned route. " Rax forgot to control intonation. Was the sawing rhythm that came out of the speaker an equivalent of its equivalent of an awed whisper?

I regret to say you have been had," Tachwyr answered. "It is a dreadful brand. " Flandry filled glasses for them. He had already had several whiskies and would have preferred this one over ice. However, he wasn't about to look sissified in front of a Merseian. cheers," Tachwyr said, lifting his tumbler. His throat and palate gave the Anglic word an accent for which there were no Anglic words. Flandry could form Merseian speech better if not perfectly. " With both hands he extended his glass so that the other might take the first sip.

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