A Critique of Democracy: A Guide for Neoreactionaries by Michael Anissimov

By Michael Anissimov

This advisor explores the arguments opposed to democracy. Democracy is usually considered as a compulsory process for any civilized nation, yet there's a compelling case, drawing on economics, political idea, and cognitive psychology, that says in a different way.

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5) It is commonly assumed that irrational voter biases inherently cancel out, leading to the effective choice of policies that balance the interests of the many, but in reality many of these biases reinforce and magnify one another, leading to poorer outcomes than if a handful of competent officials were making the decisions that direct our government. 6) The dangers of non-democratic governance are generally overstated in democratic societies, which have a vested interest in justifying their own existence and to reject and stigmatize contrary evidence.

The clearest divide, yet also among the most poorly understood, is that between conservatives and liberals. According to Gallup, in 2011 there were 40% of Americans who described themselves as conservative, 35% who described themselves as moderate, and 21% who described themselves as liberal. This makes conservatives the largest ideological group in the US, with almost twice as many as self-identified liberals. Liberals are especially likely to repudiate nationalism, but they have a nationalism in their own way.

One view of increasing polarization is that this is a natural process that waxes and wanes, and that it has no particular implications with the long-term stability of our country. A contrary view, based on the study of European history, is that de facto nation states form along ethnic and cultural lines and that the United States is in fact composed of several such states. According to this view, a geographically expansive country with a large and diverse population, such as the United States, would be especially prone to fissuring into several parts, as it almost did during the 1860s.

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