A flora of southern Illinois by Robert H. Mohlenbrock, John W. Voigt

By Robert H. Mohlenbrock, John W. Voigt

This publication should be of specific curiosity to these inter­ested in utilized fields of biology, similar to conservation, forestry, and wild existence. The southern twelve counties of Illinois, a complete of 4,355 sq. miles, contain the realm coated during this e-book. it really is a space during which either northern and southern vegetation specimens abound. a wide selection of plant species develop during this region, and approximately two hundred new crops no longer previously pointed out with this zone were incorporated within the listings. Especially useful to beginner botanists, the e-book is a vital handbook in making a choice on the crops that make up the local surroundings of this sector. Seventy-seven illustrations reduction in deciding on and figuring out the plant groups.

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Leaves awl-like, tufted, from a dark corm-like stem; sporangia at base of leaves with two kinds of spores, each kind borne in a different sporangium3. Plants of delicate nature, the fronds membranaceous-translucent, growing upon lichens and wet, shaded cave Page 16 walls or seeping rocky overhangs 7. Fertile leaves at the middle of the frond Osmunda claytoniana in 6. Sporangia on a stalked terminal spike; one or more sterile blades present 5. Rachis of sterile leaves winged Onoclea in 8. Rachis of sterile leaves not winged Botrychium in 5.

Flowers white, calyx 5-parted, corolla tubular, 5-parted, stamens 5; stems hollow, jointed, and constricted at the joints Hottonia in 114. Primulaceae Page 27 Section 9: Grasses And Grass-Like Plants (Sedges And Rushes) Leaves 3-ranked; flowers enclosed by scales; fruit an achene; stems solid, usually triangular in cross-section (some may be round, flattened or square) 21. Cyperaceae Leaves 2-ranked; leaf sheath usually split; flowers enclosed by dry scales; fruit a caryopsis; stems generally round or oval in cross-section and hollow, jointed 20.

Stamens 3 to 5; leaves without punctate dots; calyx 5-parted; corolla 5-parted 36 36. Petals each deeply divided; ovary 2- to 5-carpellate; leaves not scurfy 52. Caryophyllaceae 36. Petals not deeply divided; ovary 1-carpellate; leaves scurfy Crotonopsis in 84. Euphorbiaceae 33. Petals absent; sepals present 37 37. Leaves entire; plants woolly; flowers perfect Froelichia in 46. Amaranthaceae 37. Leaves serrate, coarsely serrate or dentate; plants not woolly 38 38. Leaves with stellate hairs; stigmas 2 or 3; carpel 1; fruit a capsule Crotonopsis in 84.

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