A return mapping algorithm for plane stress in plasticity by Silmo J.

By Silmo J.

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If there is rotational symmetry about the axis normal to the plane of the great circle, the distribution is called symmetric girdle. A girdle distribution concentrated on a great circle is also termed an equatorial distribution. 5). GREAT CIRCLE - A closed curve on the surface of the sphere created by the intersection of the sphere and a plane passing through the centre of the sphere. INDEPENDENT - Two random variables X and Y are statistically independent if knowledge that X has taken a particular value, say x0, does not change one's probability statement about possible values of Y.

ROBUST (STATISTICAL PROCEDURE) - A procedure which is not very sensitive to specified departures from the assumptions on which it depends. ROTATION MATRIX - An ORTHOGONAL MATRIX whose determinant is +1. SAMPLE - A part of a POPULATION, or a subset from that set of units, which is provided by some process or other, usually by deliberate selection with the object of investigating a characteristic or characteristics of the parent population or set. SIGNIFICANCE LEVEL - see LEVEL OF SIGNIFICANCE. SMALL CIRCLE - A closed curve on the surface of a sphere resulting from the intersection of the sphere and a plane not passing through the centre of the sphere (see GREAT CIRCLE).

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