A Theory of Matter and Electricity by Birkhoff G.D.

By Birkhoff G.D.

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Nor would it have been a surprise to Seeger, Donth and Kochendorfer 50 Alwyn C. Scott who had noted in 1953 the connection between this early work and the paper by Frenkel and Kontorova [16]. But Perring and Skyrme were interested in (12) as a one-dimensional model for an elemen­ tary particle, and, in this context, one supposes that the com­ plete absence of scattering might have been a bit disappointing. Throughout the 1960's (12) arose in a wide variety of problems in applied science (including the propagation of ferromagnetic domain walls, the "self-induced transparency" effect in nonlinear optics, and propagation of magnetic flux quanta on Josephson transmission lines) and eventually became known as the "sineGordon" equation [22].

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