A World Of Animals Vol. 2 by Ana Bernabe

By Ana Bernabe

For those who LOVE books with cats and canine to color, you will adore this one.
Really lovable and all have cats and canines in adorable varied scenes.

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The only other figure in the room was the stiff corpse of the beast be had killed. His black-haired girl-wife had been abducted. Shaking, he went to the door and flung it open, calling for his guards, but none answered him. His runesword Stonnbnnger hung in the city's armoury STORMB RINGER 15 and would take time to get His throat tight with pain and •nwf, he ran down the corridors and stairways, dazed with anxiety, trying to grasp the implications of his wife's disap- pearance. Above (he palace, thunder still crashed, eddying about in the noisy night The palace seemed deserted and he had the sodden feeling that he was completely alone, mat he had been abandoned.

Love and bate; they had led him to kill Yyrkoon who deserved death and, inadver- tenfly, Cymoril, who did not Love and hate. They welled in him now as bitter smoke stung his throat and be passed a straggling group of townspeople who were fleeing, without knowledge of their direction, from me latest depredation of the roving Dharijorian troops who had struck far into this part of Tarkesh and had met little hindrance from the armies of King Hilran of Tarkesh whose main force was concen- trated further north, readying itself for the major battle.

The strange reed of the dead creature lingered in his memory. Undoubtedly the reed had referred to a battle, and the falcon which Dyvin Slorm had seen had spo- ken of one also The battle was sure to be the forthcoming one between Yishana's forces and those of Sarosto of Dhari- Jor and Jagreen Lem of Pan Tang. If he was to find Zaro- zinia then be must go with Dyvim Slonn and there take part in UK conflict- Though he might perish, he reasoned that he had best do as the omens ordered—otherwise he could lose even the slight chance of ever seeing Zarozinia again.

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