Abiotic stresses in crop plants by Usha Chakraborty, Bishwanath Chakraborty

By Usha Chakraborty, Bishwanath Chakraborty

This publication relies to an exceptional volume at the biochemical and molecular mechanisms of tolerance of normally encountered abiotic stresses in nature. This ebook will take care of expanding temperature, water, salinity, and heavy metals and ozone, and the way those abiotic stresses may be controlled by way of microbes via their relief mechanisms. Water pressure contains either drought and flooding. the 1st part outlines the relevance of abiotic stresses in ultra-modern environmental stipulations. the second one part bargains with 3 significant stresses - temperature, water and salinity and the metabolic adjustments and protecting changes in vegetation for withstanding those stresses. The 3rd part bargains with the function of heavy metals and ozone. the ultimate part is dedicated to normal abiotic stresses and their relief by means of microbes. those provide an economical and green technique of struggling with diversified stresses

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