Adbusters, Issue 106: Mental Breakdown of a Nation

Featured during this issue:

Geert Lovink on our networked condition
Stefanie Krasnow on our digital realities
Franco “Bifo” Berardi at the moment act of the eu tragedy
Adbusters on Chess vs. Weiqi
Fekku Ragabe!
Peak Humanity
Micah White and Chiara Ricciardone on touchdown a demise blow to capitalism
Andy Merrifield at the radical politics of memes

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The Baiyu jing ‫ۍ‬໧ᆖ (Book of the hundred parables) by Gunavrddhi ‫߷ޣ‬ḛ‫ چ‬in Jiankang after 480 explains his goal of teaching truth through laughter in very Zhuangzian terms: once the truth has been grasped, the laughter may be discarded. Miracle tales concern in the first place Guanyin ᨠଃ, for “this bodhisattva who listens to the voices of the world” hears all prayers and saves all who call on him sincerely. Such tales taught the truths of divine intervention, karmic retribution, and spiritual achievement.

There were, however, also what Kleeman calls “itinerant evangelists”, in potential conflict with “their higher-ranking colleagues in fixed parishes”. ”11 One of Kleeman’s most revolutionary interpretations concerns the church’s regular hierarchy. In his view, in the early 3rd century, Zhang Lu continued, after his death in 216, to select church officials by means of “oracular pronouncements”. This, in Kleeman’s translation, is what the Lord Lao himself said on this matter in the text revealed to Kou Qianzhi: I had the perfected tutelary officers Ւ‫چ‬టࡴ of the various provinces, commanderies, and counties inject their pneumas (zhuqi ࣹ௛) in order to administer demonic matters ए෻೒ࠃ and control the population rosters of the mortals; I made no use of the defiled, chaotic method of having the mortal libationers govern the citizens.

For the next 16 years Wei Huacun, already beyond this world, recited scriptures and devoted herself to the Way, her countenance gradually reverting to that of a young girl. In the year 350 she was at last accepted fully into the realm of Highest Clarity, “ascending to heaven in broad daylight”. She was given the title of “Primal Mistress of the purple barrens, mandated director of destinies of highest realization, Lady of the southern marchmount”. Two months later, she was escorted to the southern sacred peak to take up her new position in the celestial bureaucracy.

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