After Nature: English Kinship in the Late Twentieth Century by Marilyn Strathern

By Marilyn Strathern

Important as kinship has been to the improvement of British social anthropology, this can be the 1st try through an anthropologist to situate principles approximately English kinship in a cultural context. Marilyn Strathern demanding situations the conventional separation of Western kinship reviews from the research of the broader society. If modern society looks different, altering and fragmented, those similar positive factors additionally follow to people's rules approximately kinship. She perspectives rules of relatedness, nature and the organic structure of people of their cultural context, and gives new insights into the overdue twentieth-century values of individualism and consumerism. After Nature is a well timed mirrored image at a second whilst advances in reproductive know-how elevate questions about the average foundation of kinship family members.

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1987: Hobbesianviewof born humanbeingsasdisconnected, 63) Yet if we go back to the rationale for making the video, at its heart is a concern for relationship: to make the parents, and especiallythe mother, feel positively towards the unborn child. In presenting an image of the foetus, the intention is to presenta 'person', to make one seethe person that is already there. But I suspectthat in this American view, there is also an English one. Culturally speaking, we can seethe person when the person appears as an individual, and we seean individual when we see a body.

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A canoeis sometimes\ calledmother becauseof the produce it carriesin its interior (1986:147),and we have seenthat Gawans make analogiesbetweencanoeand maternal body and foetus. I suggestwe are invited to imagine the mother as containing 'mothers' (future members of the clan) or, equally, the canoe as a 'child' containing children. however,is a body. Analogiesfor a plural culture 57 Body is made visible in the only way that vision works for Melanesians, perceivedas a matter of exterior form. If so, they are also like mothers:once the processof (canoe)creation begins then the particular body (the tree to be made into the canoe)will concealother potential and undifferentiatedfoetuses rvithin,while the outer body takesshapeas a singlevisiblefoetus-childin the form of its mother.

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