Age of Reptiles: The Hunt by Ricardo Delgado

By Ricardo Delgado

His mom slaughtered by way of a pack of Ceratosaurs, a terrified Allosaur needs to make his manner around the sweltering deserts of Jurassic North the US -- or face an identical destiny himself. the quest is on during this new bankruptcy of Ricardo Delgado's Age of Reptiles! informed solely in photographs, the Age of Reptiles sequence is thought of as one of many best makes use of of the comics medium and is acceptable for every age. via his cutting edge strategy, storyteller Ricardo Delgado has earned such well known fanatics as Burne Hogarth, Ray Harryhausen, Mike Mignola, John Landis, Mark Schultz, and Steve Bissette -- and as soon as you will have learn Age of Reptiles: the search, you are going to count number your self between them!

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