Aickman's Heirs

Edited through Simon Strantzas, "Aickman's Heirs" is an anthology of odd, bizarre stories through glossy visionaries of strange fiction, within the milieu of Robert Aickman, the grasp of odd and ambiguous tales. Editor and writer Strantzas, a major determine in bizarre fiction, has been hailed because the inheritor to Aickman's oeuvre, and is splendid to edit this intriguing quantity. that includes all-original tales from Brian Evenson, Lisa Tuttle, John Langan, Helen Marshall, Michael Cisco, and others.

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It is thus very rash to use simplicity and elegance as a guide in biological research” warns Crick (1988). 17 The tradition of seeing the human being as the perpetually duped and deceived animal – homo decipi, as it were – would turn out to be one of the most enduring, if unfortunate, tropes of all modernity, snaking its way out of Plato’s cave, through the “revolutionary” pronouncements of Marx and Freud, and to the “revelationary” pronouncements of neuronal and genetic eliminative materialism on the one hand, and the pseudo-postmodernism of “radical deconstructionism” on the other.

And as it is this account that set the course of the next three centuries of thinking about “knowing” in the West, it is worth considering MacIntyre’s analysis of Descartes’ history-changing enterprise in full: “Descartes starts from the assumption that he knows nothing whatsoever until he can discover a presuppositionless first principle on which all else can be founded. [In so doing] he invents an unhistorical self-endorsed self-consciousness and tries to describe his epistemological crisis in terms of it.

Rigorously wedding Ockham’s conceptualist nominalism and his rejection of the Aristotelian categories with the burgeoning empirical and experimental “turn” started less than a century earlier by Robert Grosseteste (1168–1253) and Peter of Maricourt (l. 1269), Ockham’s proteges Jean Buridan (1295–1357) and Nicole Oreseme (1323–1382) along with Thomas Bradwardine (1290–1349) and the Merton College school of “Oxford Calculators,” would soon be arriving at many of the same mathematical and scientific conclusions later to be “discovered” by Galileo, Newton and Descartes.

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