Armageddon Sky (Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Day of Honor, by L. A. Graf

By L. A. Graf

Worf and the group of the Defiant locate themselves trapped on an alien global threatened by way of a world cataclysm, whereas Captain Sisko needs to maintain tensions on Deep area 9 from erupting into struggle. Original."

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Odo grunted. " "No," Sisko said grimly. " CHAPTER 2 AT FIRST GLANCE, it didn't look much different from any other planetary system. A saffron yellow star spit out a normal amount of heat, light, and solar wind; three gas giants circled in far-flung orbits. But where the inner rocky planets should have spun in the star's golden glow, an ominous parabola of dust and ice enshrouded half the system. Dax's long-range scanners detected two small, airless planets orbiting outside that haze, one swung out beyond its perigee and the other caught between the curving arms of debris.

O'Brien inquired. Dax shook her head. "Not unless the comet fragments in that shower are made of dilithium instead of ice. The electromagnetic noise generated by bolide impacts on a Class-M planet might very well contaminate the radio and visible bands, but it shouldn't touch subspace frequencies. Not even to mask--" Her voice broke off without warning, and her fingers began to fly across the computer panel. Sisko shot a frowning glance at her data output screen, but saw nothing he could recognize as a significant change in the random display of noise.

I thought that was what he said before, but I couldn't be sure. " Dax adjusted something on her panel, and the Victoria Adams's bridge did a slow fade back into existence on the screen. "--attacked us for not leaving fast enough," Marsters said, still sounding calm despite the crackle of on-board fire beneath his words. "Hull and warp core integrity are holding, but we lost all life support systems in the initial attack. We're running on limited emergency backup now. All passengers and nonessential crew have--" The transmission shattered into nothingness again, presumably due to another close-range disruptor blast.

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