ASP.NET Web API 2: Beginner Guide by Ambily K K

By Ambily K K

This brief ebook explains net API layout, ideas, beneficial properties, and aid web page iteration. this can be a starter advisor should you are looking to fast comprehend the fundamentals of net API. issues lined during this e-book are:

• imposing net API

• net API customer Implementations – ASP.NET MVC and jQuery

• Scaffolding with net API – Entity Framework

• Routing in internet API

• imposing a number of Serialization Options

• aid web page new release

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Sample text

Copy the filename specified in the config file to the XML documentation file option. Modify further with more specific comments. ///

/// Get All products for our Sample ///

/// public IEnumerable GetAllProducts() { ––––– } ///

/// Return the details of selected product depends on the product id passed. ///

/// /// /// public IEnumerable GetProducts(int selectedId) { –––––– } Listing 9: Adding XML documentation to the sample API controller Once you’ve updated the controller, run the application and navigate to API link at the topright corner of the browser screen, as shown in next Figure.

In the sections to follow, we’ll take a closer look at how to implement these three methods and then compare their behavior. Before doing that, however, let’s modify the sample Web API project to return bulk data so we can better understand and compare the performance of the serialization methods. Listing 7 shows how the GetProducts() method updated to return bulk data. As a result, when you run the Web API project, the results are automatically returned in the JSON format. For example, to retrieve details from Products, you need only use the syntax http://<>: <>/api/Products to return the results in the JSON format.

Attribute Routing Web API 2 introduced the attribute routing. Earlier versions support the conventional routing mechanism discussed in last section. But, this approach lack the flexibility of defining the routing for objects with sub groups like Products may have different categories, books will have authors, and so on. Attribute routing address this issue and provides the flexibility to define the routing in granular levels. Enable the routing For enabling the attribute routing in Web API, call the MapHttpAttributeRoutes during the configuration.

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