Berklee Music Theory - Book 2 (Berklee Press) by Paul Schmeling

By Paul Schmeling

The second one in a two-volume sequence in response to over forty years of song thought guideline at Berklee university of song. This quantity specializes in concord, together with triads, 7th chords, inversions, and voice prime for jazz, blues and renowned tune types. you are going to strengthen the instruments had to write melodies and create potent harmonic accompaniments from a lead sheet.

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Com, Music Theory 101, Music Theory 201, and Berklee Keyboard Method.

Harmonic Accompaniment from a  Lead Sheet In popular music and jazz, musicians frequently work with a lead sheet, rather than a complete score. The lead sheet includes the melody and the chords expressed in chord symbols, whereas the score contains all notes, written out. Accompanists use the lead sheet as a guideline to create their own parts from the chord symbol information. FMaj7 4 &b 4 ˙ œ œ Gmin7 w œ C7 ˙ œ FMaj7 w The first step to creating harmonic accompaniment (support for the melody, devised from the chord symbols) is to voice lead the chords in the range of notes illustrated below, where they will sound rich and full, but not so low as to sound muddy.

Melodic Motion The notes of a melody move by step or by leap. A step is a major or minor second, and a leap is any interval larger. Major 2nd Minor 2nd & œMajor 2ndœ &œ œ œ œ bœ œMinor 2nd bœ œ bœ bœ œ œ œ œ Steps (S) and leaps (L) are analyzed as this melody moves from one note to the next. 3 Œ 2ndœ & 4Major & 3œ4 Œ œœ L L œ œ 3 &4 œ ˙ 3 Practice &4 Œ œ˙ œ œ ˙ ˙ Sœ S bSœ œ œ œ. œ. œ œ ˙ œ Jœ œ œ œ ˙ J S œ ˙ œ œ L œœ œ œ œb œL œ ˙. œ˙ . œ œ œœ ˙œ .. œ. j œ œ j œ œ œ œœ ˙. œ˙.. j œ œ œ ˙. Minor 2nd L S S L S S 1.

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