BESM: Fantasy Bestiary by Jeff Mackintosh, Anthony Ragan

By Jeff Mackintosh, Anthony Ragan

"The BESM fable Bestiary presents gamers and GMs with the proper toolkit for a massive Eyes, Small Mouth delusion crusade. in case you have ever desired to play a excessive Elf, a Drawf, or perhaps a Titan-Orc or a Vampire-Minotaur, then this publication is for you! The BESM fable Bestiary isn't your conventional guide of monsters. within, you will find a plethora of D6 Tri-Stat templates for normal fable races you should use whilst making a participant personality or an NPC enemy. mix a number of templates (Ogre-Medusa-Skeleton?) or use them all alone. From Angel to Zombie, and every little thing in among, the BESM myth Bestiary is a perfect reference booklet for either online game Masters and Players."

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