Bizenghast, Volume 2 by M. Alice LeGrow

By M. Alice LeGrow

Armed with the 1st of the 4 tower guards, Dinah and Vincent got down to resolve the remainder of the Mausoleum's riddles, which end up tougher because the trip progresses. The misleading puzzles of Bizenghast's Graveyard lead the kids to an old seashore to forestall a drowned girl's murderous rampage. Later, they trip via Bizenghast's early previous to rid the woods of a festering plague-carrier. and eventually, they arrive head to head with the mysterious moment tower defend, Edrear.

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Through there? It’s too small to get through. Edaniel, see if you can get through that mess. indd 53 Two words, chump: not my job. I’ll do it, Vincent. You’re too big. 7/2/10 1:33:50 PM Di, there must be another way around that. Just let me look There’s no time. Just stay here, I’ll be back soon. Be careful! Bring me back a souvenir! indd 54 7/2/10 1:33:50 PM Gasp! in the morgue. It was very cold and quiet. I was scared and tried to leave, but I couldn’t get back up into the crawlspace. you were listening to my story!

Mummy’ll give me a hiding if she finds out about her little ladyship. Let’s put it in here. indd 31 7/2/10 1:33:46 PM Don’t be such a wuss. You’ve only got a few hours til dawn. Forget it. I’m not going down into some gross well. Who said you could go, Steve? It’s not your contract. I hope you don’t mean ME, because I won’t do it. Besides, we’ve got no rope or ladder. indd 32 7/2/10 1:33:46 PM Hold on Dinah, you’re almost there! Ew, the water’s freezing! IP PL ... we have her necklace here... indd 34 7/2/10 1:33:47 PM Please!

How do you know that? Trust me. one that was significant to me. indd 46 But what would SHE imagine to be a significant place? where did they live? indd 47 7/2/10 1:33:49 PM AK AA A RRE CR CRAACK! indd 48 It’s nailed shut from the inside! my room. I mean, it’s sort of like my room. But it’s all broken. Careful, she’s trying to hide inside your memories. She may not be able to recreate them completely, but she can still throw you off her trail. She’s thrown off my lunch, at any rate. This is just creepy.

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