Boys and Girls Learn Differently! A Guide for Teachers and by Michael Gurian

By Michael Gurian

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Our limbic system is generally where emotion is processed. A sensory stimulant comes into the brain through our eyes, ears, skin, or other organs, and we experience an emotive response to it; the immediate sensual and emotive response resides, to a great extent, in the limbic system in the middle of the brain. Although some aggressive responses are brain-stem responses, others come from the limbic system as well— specifically from the amygdala, which lies at the bottom of the limbic system, just above the brain stem.

It is not our purpose here to try. Our goal should be to look at what we do know about how the brain learns and what we are discovering about the important differences in how male and female brains operate. By taking these first, tentative steps toward understanding, we can help our children become comfortably and fully themselves—accepting their differences, celebrating their natural strengths, and aiding them in compensating for their natural weaknesses. 1 shows the similarities and differences between the male and female brain.

Vasopressin Hormone secreted by posterior lobe of pituitary gland; increases blood pressure by constricting arterioles. Involved in water retention, blood pressure, and memory; supports the pair-bond between sexual partners. Vasopressin can be a factor in inducing the male to become aggressive toward other males. Wernicke’s area Links language and thought; enhances word comprehension. Likely more highly active in females. Improved verbal communication skills in females. Developmental and Structural Differences In most cases, and in most aspects of developmental chronology, girls’ brains mature earlier than boys’ brains.

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