Broken Legions: Fantasy Skirmish Wargames in the Roman by Mark Latham

By Mark Latham

Damaged Legions: myth Skirmish Wargames within the Roman Empires (Osprey Wargames 15).

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Place a suitable marker next to the model to show that it has been petrified. In the Resolve Persistent Effects part of the Recovery Phase, the model must take a Presence test. If the test is passed, the model shakes off the petrification and the effect ends. If the test is failed, the model takes one automatic wound and must test again at the end of the next turn. QUICKFIRE This model may fire two shots whenever it performs a Ranged Attack action with a bow of any kind. The target of the second shot must either be the same as the first, or within 6” of the first (and still in range, of course).

Once all the sacred sites are placed, any remaining scenery may be placed as normal. DEPLOYMENT The warbands deploy on opposite edges of the board. Roll off to determine which player deploys first. That player chooses which board edge to deploy from and places one of his models within 4” of that edge. The other player then does the same on the opposite edge. Players alternate until all their models have been deployed. SCENARIO SPECIAL RULES SACRED SITES When a model moves onto or into base contact with a sacred site, then it may search the site as a special action.

SET-UP Roll off to decide who begins placing scenery first. Try to represent an underground lair, labyrinth or series of caverns, using walls and rocky outcrops. Leave an area of clear terrain, some 6” in diameter, in the dead centre of the board. DEPLOYMENT Players roll off − the winner of this roll chooses whether to be the Attacker or the Defender. The Attacker begins by deploying his entire warband within 6” of a corner of his choice. This represents the entrance to the caverns (if the Attacker’s warband is larger than 250 points, it may be necessary to increase the deployment area to 8” from the corner, to accommodate the extra models).

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