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It is from this function where the execution of the program starts. The round brackets ‘()’ after the word ‘main’ are known as ‘parenthesis’ and they tell the compiler that this is a function and not a variable. They are followed by ‘{}’ curly braces. The first curly bracket ‘{‘begins the function and its counterpart ‘}’ is used to delimit the function. They can be compared to the BEGIN and the END keywords in some other programming languages. Functions have the following general syntax. Syntax: return_type main() { ………….

B A is not equal to B == Equality A == B Compares the two variables ‘A’ and ‘B’ and checks for equality between these variables. If the variables seem to have equal values stored in them then the expression returns the integer value ‘1’ otherwise it returns the integer value ‘0’. Note: The values ‘1’ and ‘0’ are not any random values but are ‘Boolean digits’ where ‘1’ corresponds to the expression being true and ‘0’ corresponds to the expression being false. For Example, Relational Expression (2 == 4) Result The expression would check for the equality of the two integers ‘2’ and ‘4’.

Output is right justified by default. The default field width is just wide enough to hold the expression. The ‘setw’ operator overcomes this problem by allowing a fixed field width. 7 to understand how ‘setw’ overcomes the problems posed by default field widths. 7: Default Field width Part I: Chapter 2 Fundamentals of C++ 37 The output window of this program is shown along with the program. As one might observe, it is hard to read and compare these numbers. It would be better if they are right justified.

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