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The Cambridge Ancient History Volume 7, Part 2: The Rise of Rome to 220 BC

This quantity of the second one variation of The Cambridge old historical past lines the heritage of Rome from its origins to the eve of the second one Punic conflict. It starts off with a survey of assets for early Roman historical past. An exam of the 1st discernible strains of the Bronze Age cost is through an evaluation of the regal interval.

Crises and the Roman Empire (Impact of Empire)

This quantity offers the court cases of the 7th workshop of the foreign thematic community effect of Empire, which concentrates at the historical past of the Roman Empire. It makes a speciality of the effect that crises had at the improvement and functioning of the Roman Empire from the Republic to overdue Imperial occasions.

Byzantium and the Decline of Rome

The outline for this e-book, Byzantium and the Decline of the Roman Empire, could be approaching.

Materia Magica: The Archaeology of Magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus, and Spain

This interesting new examine attracts on gadgets excavated or chanced on within the overdue 19th or early 20th century at 3 Mediterranean websites. during the 3 case stories, Materia Magica identifies particular different types of magic that could be in a different way unknown. It isolates the practitioners of magic and examines even if magic will be used as a kind of countercultural resistance.

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20 CHAPTER 2 Philo’s description of Judean rights are not substantial. In fact, there seems to be good grounds for trusting his veracity as an eyewitness in that much of his audience doubtlessly did come from Alexandria. 34 Whether his references to citizens and citizenship actually describe a local Judean organization familiar to his audience will be discussed in chapter 4. 2 Josephus: Bellum judaicum The Bellum judaicum, though its original title is not without question, seems to have been called that even by Josephus.

And what is he trying to do by using large collections of documents that describe in detail Greek cities’ responses to Judean residents and Roman interventions in disputes between Greeks and Judeans? In Bellum, Josephus mentions only four major cities where Judean communities resided: Caesarea; Alexandria; Antioch; and Cyrene. Disaster resulted in each case. 67 There was a long-running stasis between Judeans and Greeks over control of the city magistracies. After the Judeans violently seized the agora, the governor had both sides send an embassy to Rome to see who would be awarded control of the city.

140–161, 167 and 303–305. These are all cited by Barraclough 1984, 450. 20 Goodenough 1938, 9–10, 19–20; Smallwood 1961, 41, 182, who cites Massebieau and Cohn; Barraclough 1984, 450–51; Tcherikover 1956, 182. 21 Goodenough 1938, 10. 22 Barclay 1996, 422; Birnbaum 1996, 21; van der Horst 2003, 15–16. , Flacc. 55). But only Judeans and sympathetic Gentiles, more or less familiar with Judaism, would have read through the work. Philo’s two treatises give an eyewitness account to events reported on only in passing by Josephus in Antiquitates and by Claudius in his letter to Alexandria.

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