Celibacy and Transmutation of Sexual Energy for Deeper by Russell Symonds

By Russell Symonds

The ecstatic transmutation of celibacy might be through some distance the main interesting event possible ever have! study and grasp the best secrets and techniques ever informed of the way to get pleasure from totally great bliss and limitless sexual energy!

Just as humankind has discovered to grasp and keep an eye on many traditional forces on this planet, a yogi (or yogini) is a truly specified (and regrettably infrequent) person who is inclination is to manage and grasp the interior forces of nature, comparable to recommendations, feelings, cravings, and wishes, specially the organic strength of sexual strength.

The yogi or yogini manages to effectively grasp his or her feelings and sexual power no longer by way of strength, yet via actual strength of mind, purification of mind and physique cells after which via absorption of important prana. The transmutation of intercourse into pleasure, internal peace, bliss, pleasure and unconditional love is the glorious finish result.

One of the best mysteries of existence is intercourse, sexual wish, and sexual power. even though, whilst sexual power is misplaced within the strategy of reproductive job, the non secular facet usually suffers. Sexual energy can and may be conserved to create a sophisticated organic strength substance known as "ojas" that are utilized by yogis to augment their meditations and powers drastically.

A sure point of expertise in samadhi can merely be accomplished whereas being celibate and residing on simply the main normal vitamin whereas fasting among each meal so long as conveniently attainable and flooding each mobile within the physique with the transmuting essence of prana.

Subjects coated contain the next chapters:

Chapter 1 - the best way to preserve very important Sexual power for Bliss

Chapter 2 - advantages of preserving Sexual strength and Transmutation

Chapter three - intercourse is Nature's maximum Deception

Chapter four - Is Celibacy the trail again to Paradise?

Chapter five - the approach to life of happy Sexual strength Expansion

Chapter 6 - preserve Sexual Fluid for greater mental Health

Chapter 7 - Transcending Metabolism to Rejuvenate physique Cells

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Instead of feeling frustrated or unfulfilled, a deep and wonderful ever-increasing satisfaction should build up in every part of the body. One can also repeat this thrilling experience over and over again indefinitely, but as soon as one ejaculates, it's over. The development and cultivation of this method until it becomes a habit will lead to great benefits and is what I believe is the easiest and most honest way to help one not only be celibate for life but to also really enjoy it! This method may be one of the most vital tools for being able to remain celibate under otherwise impossible situations.

There is a "beyond healthy" where sexual or vital energy can, through a practice derived from the Taoist "deer exercise" provide profound fulfillment without the usual loss of vital fluid and precious sexual energy. The Taoist "deer exercise" originated from ancient China before the time of Confucius when the idea of conserving vital sexual energy for greater pleasure was widely practiced, honored and revered. Using this technique to prevent ejaculation is very, very simple: simply contract all the muscles in the anal and pelvic area which controls the release of urine right before orgasm or release of sexual fluid to prevent ejaculation (in men) and loss of sexual fluid (in women).

Yet it would make much more sense for an older person to conserve vital sexual energy than for a younger person, because older individuals tend to not create as much. If a young person in his late teens loses sexual fluids, he can recover within a few days, but it could take as long as a month for an older man to fully recover. The transmutation of the lower addictions to lust and sensuality is to be pursued for a higher purpose which is everlasting bliss and joy. The spiritual side of living tends to be sadly neglected when sexuality is rampant.

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