Chinnamasta: The Aweful Buddhist & Hindu Tantric Goddess by Elizabeth Anne Benard

By Elizabeth Anne Benard

This can be the 1st monograph which examines the infrequent Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess, Chinnamasta, her rituals, her names and kinds (namarupa) and their symbolism through evaluating and contrasting her sadhanas (spiritual practices) in Hinduism and Buddhism. the full Hindu ''Chinnamastatantra'' part from the Sakta Pramoda, the Buddhist ''Chinnamunda Vajravarahisadhana'' and the ''Trikayavajrayoginistuti'' are translated for the 1st time into English. in view that Chinnamasta is a unprecedented goddess, her texts weren't popularized or made ''fashionable'' in line with the dictates of a selected workforce at a selected time. The earliest extant texts date from the 9th and 10th centuries-a time while Hindu and Buddhist Tantras have been constructing below universal affects within the related areas in India. Having such texts approximately Chinnamasta Chinnamasta from those centuries, you can start to comprehend the mutuality of a normal Tantric culture and the exclusivity of a selected Hindu or Buddhist Tantric culture. as a result the learn, not just examines Chinnamasta, but in addition makes an attempt to appreciate what's a Tantric culture.

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I thankjc:-remy Russell for showing me this before publication Craranatha I 157516431 was a major proponent of the Tibetan Buddhistjo nang pa school and author of many historical works. King Lalitacandra reigned from late seventh to early eighth century. , 1/istoryofAndcnc Bengal, Calcutta, G. ) 38. 39. ~"had An Account of the Origins and Iconography of the Protective Dciues of Tibetan Buddhism, Leh, Tashigang. 1979, Vol. I: 220-22. 40. Orgyan las 'phro gling pa (1585-1 h56) is a famous gccr con (a d1scoH'r of h1dJcn texts).

Thus they encompass the entire Hindu conception of the universe. ~AYA (ESSENCE) This section is the 'essence' (hrdaya) of the entire practice. obtained by performing this hrdaya practice. S; ONE THOUSAND NAMES These two sections consist in the recitation of Chinnamasta 's names. The reasons for and benefits of reciting the names as well as their significances is discussed in chapter 3. CHINNAMASTATANfRA OF SAKTA PRAMODA37 THE CmNNAMASTA MEDITATION (DHYANA) Chinnamasta is always shown in the pratyalicjha stance, nude holding (her own) severed head and a scimitar (kart[), and drinking with delight the red nectar stream issuing from her own headless txxiy.

When a practitioner offers these items, it is similar to the offerings presented to an honoured guest visiting the household. Jia); and ( 1(>)peace offerings and salutation (larpaiJa and namaskara). 6. Worship of eight-petalled lotus deities is worshipping the Goddess' most intimate attendants; no text elaborates on this step. 7. Flower offerings (pu~paiijaH) is an offering of five handfuls of flowers. Though not explicitly stated in tlw text<;, the fiowers Jre offered for attaining purity of mind.

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