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For instance every Wal-Mart or Sears store is different from other Wal-Mart or Sears stores. This requires a slightly different approach to the installation at each site. Customer input is a requirement. Coverage may not be needed in some areas, while other areas may require 100% coverage. The customer is the only one who can determine this! For optimum site performance, be sure to test for proper AP placement and the antenna type. Check for obstructions that can affect the line-of-sight communications link.

This would be when AC power is available to the device. CAM provides the best connectivity option and, therefore, the most available wireless infrastructure from the client’s perspective. PSP—power save mode—should be selected when power conservation is a concern . In this mode, the wireless NIC will go to sleep after a period of inactivity and periodically wake to retrieve buffered data from the AP. FastPSP—fast power save mode—is a combination of CAM and PSP. This is good for clients who switch between AC and DC power.

This is true for wireless as well. Prior to any wireless standards, wireless systems were plagued with low data rates, incompatibility and high costs. As a result, only a few businesses adopted wireless technology into their networks. There are two primary types of standards: public and official. Public standards, sometimes referred as a de facto standards, are controlled by private groups or organizations. They are common practices that have not been produced or accepted by an official standards organization.

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