Common Battlefield Training for Airmen by Thomas Manacapilli, Chaitra M. Hardison, Brian Gifford,

By Thomas Manacapilli, Chaitra M. Hardison, Brian Gifford, Alexis Bailey, Aimee Bower

Air strength participants who don't typically move a defended perimeter while deployed won't have got enough education for doing so once they have to. The authors performed surveys and interviews to figure out the types of studies airmen have had outdoor the twine, labored with subject-matter specialists to categorize them and recommend education degrees, and built a sequence of concepts for path content material and additional parts for learn.

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We therefore estimate a requirement of 40 instructors for an annual production of 1,200 graduates and 191 instructors for an annual production of 6,600 graduates. ). Resource Requirements for the CBAT Course 21 Additionally, our manpower estimate did not include administrative support, chain-ofcommand, or training development personnel. 4 shows the simulation results for required training devices at the 1,200- and 6,600per-year production levels. 4 Training Device Requirements Target Number of Graduates 1,200 Item Audiovisual Required 4 6,600 Plus 20 Percent 5 Required 15 Plus 20 Percent 18 Barricade 1 1 2 2 Camouflage netting 2 2 4 5 103 124 156 187 7 8 14 17 104 125 255 306 5 6 8 10 M-16 rifle 155 186 207 248 M-4 rifle 104 125 260 312 M-9 pistol classroom 52 62 156 187 M-9 pistol field 52 62 156 187 104 125 208 250 52 62 104 125 104 125 258 310 4 5 6 7 MOUT field 102 122 205 246 Navigation 102 122 264 317 Public address system 1 1 3 4 Plugger Global Positioning System (GPS) 2 2 6 7 Camouflage paint Clearing barrel Dummy rifle Field telephone M-9 pistol M-9 pistol target Miles Miles machine gun transmit PRC139 radio 10 12 28 34 Range safety 104 125 309 371 52 62 156 187 4 5 6 7 104 125 300 360 4 5 12 14 Rifle classroom Saber Small arms cleaning Squad weapon cleaning Squad weapons 56 67 121 145 Tent 55 66 106 127 Vehicle 2 2 6 7 Water tank trailer 2 2 3 4 22 Common Battlefield Training for Airmen age, we have also calculated a 20-percent increase over the simulated requirement to account for the breakage and repair of training devices.

The CCT curriculum provides standards and hours for another ten tasks—including rifle and pistol qualification—while the remaining seven tasks come from the PJ curriculum (see Appendix B). The estimated course length is 5 The two-hour PT requirement is a significant increase over current PT training. One of the implicit goals of the “common” course was to develop a common culture and mentality. Since the PJ and CCT students require the PT, we included it for all the students. If the additional PT causes significant injuries, this could be an argument against common training.

Appendix B discusses each model in detail. Assessment Goals Developing these four models allowed us to accomplish two related goals. First, we determined the feasibility of providing the specified CBAT elements within the given 25-day time frame. We found that only a course based primarily on the SF training curriculum will satisfy the specified 25-day duration. , where it will provide training of longer duration or to a higher standard than what each AFSC currently provides) and those for which CBAT specifies less training than would ordinarily be provided in IST and for which further training in IST will be required to reach the proficiency to attain skill level 3.

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