Community and Communication: Oratory and Politics in the by Catherine Steel, Henriette van der Blom

By Catherine Steel, Henriette van der Blom

Community and conversation: Oratory and Politics in Republican Rome brings jointly nineteen overseas contributions which reconsider the function of public speech within the Roman Republic. Speech was once an essential component of decision-making in Republican Rome, and oratory used to be a part of the schooling of each member of the elite. but no entire speech from the interval by means of an individual except Cicero survives, and for this reason the controversy on oratory, and political perform extra largely, is susceptible to be distorted by way of the detailed positive factors of Cicero's oratorical perform.

With cautious realization to a variety of historic proof, this quantity shines a gentle on orators except Cicero, and considers the oratory of diplomatic exchanges and impromptu heckling and repartee along the extra wide-spread genres of forensic and political speech. In doing so, it demanding situations the concept Cicero was once a normative determine, and highlights the diversity of profession offerings and speech concepts open to Roman politicians. The essays within the quantity additionally exhibit how unpredictable the results of oratory have been: politicians may perhaps attempt to regulate occasions via cherry-picking their viewers and utilizing attempted equipment of persuasion, yet incompetence, undesirable success, or adversarial listeners have been consistent threats.

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Corn. 78–9C. 36 67 67 67 66 61 59 59 58 Robert Morstein-Marx Lex Gabinia (piracy command)35 Cornelian laws36 on a) legal exemptions granted by the senate,37 and b) praetorian edicts,38 Lex Roscia on equestrian seating in theatres39 Lex Manilia (transferring the Mithridatic command) Lex Fufia setting up court for Bona Dea sacrilege Julian agrarian laws40 Vatinian Law on Caesar’s province41 Some laws of P. Clodius,42 especially those a) regarding execution of Roman citizens iniussu populi,43 and b) on grain distribution44 A lex Gabinia reassigning command in the Mithridatic War (rather than ‘merely’ the provinces Bithynia and Pontus: Kallet-Marx [1995], 314, with n.

Vim contionis esse voluerunt; quae scisceret plebes aut quae populus iuberet, submota contione, distributis partibus, tributim et centuriatim discriptis ordinibus, classibus, aetatibus, auditis auctoribus, re multos dies promulgata et cognita iuberi vetarique voluerunt. cf. TLL 4. 729–34 for full references, and generally Bell (2004), 203–4. cf. on the verb contionari cf. TLL 4. v. contionor, with further references. 25 This institution and its complex functions in the middle and late Republic have recently found much interest and sparked some discussion.

24 Friends, Romans, Countrymen 19 communication—monuments and friezes, frescoes, triumphal and other paintings displayed in, and to, the same public—is to a large extent an art about spectacles in general and ‘about crowd scenes and participatory rituals’ of different kinds in particular, rituals especially ‘intended to energize participatory looking by the living crowd’. 27 The rhetoric of direct address is even present in completely different, that is, non-public and non-oral, contexts. 28 This rhetoric is not just a conventional or even hackneyed constituent of practical mass oratory, invariably used in any concrete context.

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