Compact Operators on Hilbert Space (2005)(en)(7s) by Garrett P.

By Garrett P.

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Of IEEE, Vol. 70, No. 6, June 1982, pp. 684–685. [19] Carlson, B. , ‘‘Covariance Matrix Estimation Errors and Diagonal Loading in Adaptive Arrays,’’ IEEE Trans. on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Vol. 24, No. 3, July 1988, pp. 397–401. [20] Guerci, J. , Y. L. Kim, and S. U. Pillai, ‘‘Optimal Loading Factor for Minimal Sample Support Space-Time Adaptive Radar,’’ Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Vol. 4, Seattle, WA, May 12–15, 1998, pp.

Note that while there are certainly six large distinct eigenvalues, there is no definitive noise floor. 59). Unfortunately, except for the very strong jammer eigenvalues, the eigenvalues/vector pairs associated with the noise floor are not well estimated with only 2N samples. 9, is significant corruption of the adapted pattern sidelobes. 59) and set ␭ˆ min = ␴ 2 (since the receiver noise floor is reasonably well-known in a calibrated radar), we should have a much better pattern. 59) is extremely close to the optimum.

In so doing, we will also lay the groundwork for an important class of robust adaptive signal-processing techniques based on optimum subspace estimation and principal components [17, 18]. 54) is the N × N diagonal matrix of corresponding strictly positive eigenvalues [8]. 57) and ␭ min denotes the minimum eigenvalue of R . 58) where ␭˜ n = ␭ n /␭ min is the n th normalized eigenvalue. 59) shows that the optimum beamformer weight vector is formed by subtracting a weighted sum of the interference eigenvectors from the quiescent steering vector s.

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