Comprehensive Glossary of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms by Ali Akbar Arabi

By Ali Akbar Arabi

Abbreviations give a contribution to more advantageous potency of writing, examining, and talking, in addition to higher comprehension of technical and medical articles, stories, and lectures. They serve to minimize the time and price of writing, typing, modifying, and composition resetting. additionally they reduce the distance required for texts, tables, and diagrams. As such, abbreviations are priceless instruments that improve the dynamics of technical language.

The accomplished word list of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms is a suite of over 16,000 entries that conceal the fields of telecommunications, satellite tv for pc communications, marine communications, radar and army communications, avionics, electronics, laptop, web, radio and tv broadcasting, fiber optics communications, details expertise (IT), details communique expertise (ICT), distant sensing, mobile networks, really good cellular Radio (SMR), and ham radio. It will pay specific awareness to the abbreviations utilized in ITU, Intelsat, IMO, IMSO, and APSCC records.

The word list additionally includes abbreviations more often than not present in telecom magazines, contracts, and fiscal records. moreover, it contains entries that mirror the typical terminology utilized by significant telecom businesses and operators, in addition to these utilized by really good associations and conventional organisations comparable to IEEE, ETSI, IETF, ISO, and GSM. it is also abbreviations on new applied sciences.

A thorough and crucial reference, the excellent word list of Telecom Abbreviations and Acronyms is helping hold engineers, technical writers, technicians, and collage scholars in control at the gigantic volume of terminology that comes their manner.

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Beam Splitter 5. Back Scatter 6. Broadcasting Service (ITU-T) 1. Basic Switching Arrangement AU5866—CHAPTER B—B—12/7/2007—11:17—GANESHV—274404—XML MODEL E – pp. 31–43 Bb BSAC BSACE BSAM BSC BSCC BSD UNIX BSDL BSE BSF BSFOCS BSFT BSGL BSHR BSI BSIC BSIS BskyB BSL BSMS BSMTP BSN BSO BSOC BSOD BSP BSQ BSR BSRF BSS BSSAP BSSMAP & 41 2. Basic Serving Arrangement (OSI model) Bit-Sliced Arithmetic Coding Billing System ACE Basic Sequential Access Method 1. Binary Synchronous Communications (protocol) 2.

Automatic Vehicle Identification 3. Analog VHDL International (standards group) American Voice Input/Output Society Audio–Video Kernel (digital video) Automatic Vehicle Location (GSM) Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer Automated Voice Response System Advanced Video Systems Group (Canada) Audio–Video Support System (digital video) Audio/Visual Service-Specific Convergence Sublayer (ATM) Antique Wireless Association Airborne Warning And Control System Analog Wide Area Network 1. Area-Wide Centrex 2.

Adaptation Layer (ATM) 2. Application Layer (OSI model) AppleTalk Link Access Protocol Analog Loop-Back (testing) Automatic Line Build-Out (transmission) 1. Automatic Level Control 2. Automatic Load Control (fiber optics) 3. Airline Line Control (protocol) Adaptive Lossless Data Compression 1. Application Logic Element 2. Automatic Link Establishment (HF radio station) 3. Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts 4. Approvals Liaison Engineer (British) Advanced Library Format Automatic Laser-Fiber Assembly Application Level Gateway Aluminum–Gallium–Arsenide (semiconductors) Algorithm Communications Company (Iran) Algorithmic Language (programming) 1.

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