Computational text analysis for functional genomics and by Soumya Raychaudhuri

By Soumya Raychaudhuri

This e-book brings jointly the 2 disparate worlds of computational textual content research and biology and offers the various most up-to-date tools and purposes to proteomics, series research and gene expression info. sleek genomics generates huge and accomplished information units yet theirinterpretation calls for an figuring out of an unlimited variety of genes, their complicated capabilities, and interactions. maintaining with the literature on a unmarried gene is a problem itself-for millions of genes it really is easily impossible.Here, Soumya Raychaudhuri provides the innovations and algorithms had to entry and make the most of the mammoth clinical textual content, i.e. tools that immediately "read" the literature on the entire genes. together with heritage chapters at the beneficial biology, data and genomics, as well as practicalexamples of analyzing many differing types of contemporary experiments, this booklet is perfect for college students and researchers in computational biology, bioinformatics, genomics, information and machine technological know-how.

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For a given event i this difference in message length is: log2 (pi ) À log2 (qi ) Averaged over all messages: KL(pkq) ¼ X pi ( log2 (pi ) À log2 (qi ) ) ¼ i X i   pi pi log2 qi The KL distance is a very helpful means of quantifying the difference between a theoretical and practical distribution. 7 Population statistics There are several key statistical parameters that are commonly used to describe a collection, or population, of data. The mean and the median are measures of the central tendency of the data.

In this case we have no cause to expect one event more than another, and we have no prior prejudices. In this case the entropy is maximal. The other extreme of course is if the probability of one of the events is 1, while the probability of the other events is 0, then the entropy of that distribution is zero. In this case we always know exactly what the outcome will be, and there is no reason to expect anything else. Entropy is therefore a measure of the information contained in a distribution.

In the process a tight loop is formed. 6 From gene sequence to protein. The gene is physically embedded in the genomic DNA sequence. The lowest bar represents the DNA gene sequence. Black and grey boxes indicate specific sequences in the gene with functional significance. Genes have promoter sites that bind the transcription machinery. DNA transcription starts at the transcription start site and extends to the transcription stop site. A primary transcript, which is the precursor to mRNA, is produced.

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