Conservation Tillage and Cropping Innovation: Constructing by C. Milton Coughenour

By C. Milton Coughenour

A research of the sociology of conservation tillage within the usa and Australia, answering questions on the extraordinary developments, together with what led as much as the adjustments. Discusses in simple terms the sociological points of those agricultural developments, leaving different vital points to different reviews. DLC: Conservation tillage.

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22. Successive failure of problem-solving attempts to satisfactorily resolve dissonance erodes confidence in the existing technical frame and its goals. As this occurs, the capacity of the technical frame to limit information search declines, and information relevant to alternative technical frames and goals is processed (Fiske and Taylor 1991). Conservation Tillage and Cropping Innovation: Constructing the New Culture of Agriculture C. Milton Coughenour, Shankariah Chamala Copyright © 2000 by Iowa State University Press 3 Plow Culture in the United States and Australia Few tasks are so difficult and time-consuming as plowing, harrowing, and cultivating the soil.

The greater the substantive change in the cultural basis of the local network, the greater the change in the farmer’s roleidentity. Successful operation of the new tillage system confirms the farmer’s new identity, thereby providing the motivational basis for the Conceptualizing System Innovation 33 continued “evolution” of the new technical frame and tillage system and its utilization. Earlier we noted that any crop production system, including its tillage system, must satisfy two criteria: it must be sustainable and profitable (Pierce 1985).

Before planting, a field might be rolled, or packed, to enable moisture to come closer to the surface. Eventually, however, only fallowing was found to be effective, and strategy and technique changed. As the twentieth century progressed, farmers began replacing the moldboard with the disc plow. It had two advantages: First, the disc plow required less power than the moldboard and could be used when the ground was too hard for the moldboard to plow. Second, the small amount of stubble left on the surface tended to reduce wind erosion but with subsequent tillage would not interfere with drilling (Malin 1936).

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