Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman

By Marv Wolfman

A marvelous and unique novel in keeping with the epic comics sequence that ceaselessly replaced the universe of Superman and Batman through the fellow who created the unique story! Trapped in a undying limbo, Barry Allen, the Flash, can in simple terms watch in silent and helpless horror as, one after the other, numerous universes fade from existance with a view to feed the insatiable desire for energy of the Anti-Monitor, a being from the anti-matter universe of Qward. below the advice of the video display, his benevolent contrary, the super-heroes and villains of all realities are introduced jointly for a final, determined stand opposed to the forces that promise the literal finish of all existance.

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Evidence speaks for itself. That was the first thing I learned in the police academy. Emotion should have no role in determining guilt or innocence, good guys or bad. There were fifteen levels on the satellite. I awoke on the ninth. Lyla and the Monitor were on the first. It took less than a second to find them. Sometimes it was good to be the fastest man, dead or alive. Ten L yla's eyes were blue, not red or black as I'd seen them before. And I saw them looking at the Monitor with respect, not hate.

The voice was little more than a whisper. " Harbinger floated some five feet above them. Lois saw no anger in this strange woman's eyes, only desperation, which made what she said even more chilling. " Lois checked her out. " Before she went into semiretirement, Lois had been a reporter for more than thirty-five years. Old habits, as they say, die hard. "We're supposed to believe you why? What's supposed to be causing this? " "I have proof, Mrs. Kent, but it is for your husband's eyes only. He and others must meet the Monitor.

Despite all the dangers, he never thought it as anything other than for the better. Jon realized the Australian tsunami was not a natural occurrence, no more so than the erupting volcanoes along the equator that Superman flew to investigate, or the frigid weather that swept across Africa. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl were checking that one out. His power ring indicated unnatural fluctuations in air pressure surrounding Sydney harbor, but nothing powerful enough to trigger such massive destruction.

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