Curves and Their Jacobians by David Mumford

By David Mumford

Lecture 1, what's a curve and the way explicitly will we describe them?--Lecture 2, The moduli house of curves: definition, coordinatization, and a few properties.--Lecture three, How Jacobians and theta services arise.--Lecture four, The Torelli theorem and the Schottky challenge

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Mathematical Aspects of Geometric Modeling

This monograph examines intimately definite techniques which are helpful for the modeling of curves and surfaces and emphasizes the mathematical conception that underlies those rules. the 2 crucial topics of the textual content are using piecewise polynomial illustration (this subject matter seems in a single shape or one other in each chapter), and iterative refinement, often known as subdivision.

Fractured Fractals and Broken Dreams: Self-Similar Geometry through Metric and Measure

Fractal styles have emerged in lots of contexts, yet what precisely is a trend? How can one make specific the constructions mendacity inside of gadgets and the relationships among them? This e-book proposes new notions of coherent geometric constitution to supply a clean method of this typical box. It develops a brand new notion of self-similarity known as "BPI" or "big items of itself," which makes the sphere a lot more straightforward for individuals to go into.

Singularity Theory I

From the studies of the 1st printing of this publication, released as quantity 6 of the Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences: ". .. My normal effect is of a very great e-book, with a well-balanced bibliography, instructed! "Medelingen van Het Wiskundig Genootschap, 1995". .. The authors provide right here an up to the moment consultant to the subject and its major functions, together with a couple of new effects.

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