Cute And Fuzzy Seizure Monsters (BESM Big Eyes Small Mouth) by Emily K. Dresner-Thornber

By Emily K. Dresner-Thornber

Welcome to the area of adorable & Fuzzy Seizure Monsters, the large Eyes, Small Mouth complement that indicates you the way to play a puppy Monster coach (or even the puppy Monster), similar to on television. within you will discover an attractive satire of the "monster scuffling with" style, yet you should use this booklet to play powerful in-genre characters besides. detect what it skill to be a child starting to be up in an international the place each boy and woman has their very own own monster gladiator!

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At the lower end are small, rag-tag bands of trainers and their monsters, while at the upper end are pro teams sponsored by megacorporations (seeking a tax write off to disguise their ongoing plots to take over the world). Somewhere in the middle are teams sponsored by training dojos, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, or cities. Finally, there are all-star teams sent to compete in prestigious international competitions for their nation’s honour. Teams often train and enter tournaments together, travel the world helping each other catch new monsters and find interesting places to train or fight.

They might come out of cards, from books, or even wait on the other side of a portal through which the players fall. There is ample opportunity to build up schoolyard rivals, fight monsters over the love of a boy or a girl, or have pet monsters run rampant through the hallways. The cute monsters must have secret identities to blend in. They may pretend to be stuffed pets or other toys, hide inside video game disks (emerging when needed), or even transform into ordinary mundane pets. Since running around with pet monsters and battling evil is (for some strange reason) not something of which average parents or school principals approve, being caught would be embarrassing.

Sometimes there will also be one or more senior students working part time as instructors. One of them may hope to become the master’s successor, should the master pass away, retire, or go back to finish high school. Occasionally, a master will encourage fierce competition between senior students by not naming a successor. There may be jealous rivalries between students — and between their pet monsters as well. Certain dojos specialize in particular types of adorable monster; they are repositories for all the secret lore relating to these creatures.

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